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Last Tuesday’s contests moved the Republican Party closer to deciding on its nominee, with Donald Trump winning four of five states, including the winner-take-all state of Florida and its 99 delegates. It also shows some interesting trends when mapped out against previous contests:
Trump, Cruz, and Rubio after March 15
One of the most noticeable elements of these maps is that Trumps support stays relatively steady between state contests on different dates, with the exception of Illinois and Missouri, where he shows a higher level of support than in previous contests as evidenced by the noticeability of those two states’ boundaries with previous contests.

Another is that the trend of Rubio’s support dissolving after his poor showing on March 1 continued on March 15 in all but his home state of Florida, with Ted Cruz being the main beneficiary in North Carolina, as he was in Maine and Mississippi.

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2016 Republican presidential primary results on the eve of March 15

This is a map of the 2016 Republican presidential primary results by county as they currently stand between the 3 biggest contenders.  I’ll offer some analysis this weekend, including results from today’s states: Florida, North Carolina, Ohio, Illinois, and Missouri.