I started this blog as a way to present my views and discuss issues that interest me.  I come from a liberal Christian background in the American midwest.  However, I have found over time that my political and religious views have strayed further and further from those of my family and friends.

On religious issues, my position is relatively clear-cut: I’m an agnostic atheist.  That is, I don’t believe that there exist any entities that would be worthy of being called deities in our Universe, but I also admit that it is difficult to impossible to know this with a high level of certainty.  I accept the scientific consensus that the Universe as we know it began about 13.75 billion years ago, that the Earth formed about 4.54 billion years ago, and that life has evolved by a long dysteleological process of natural selection.

It is a bit more difficult to describe my political views.  They are easiest to define in the negative: I, unlike most of my friends and family, am not a conventional American liberal or progressive.  I do not accept many of the main tenets of American liberalism, though I do not reject all its positions outright.  In posts to come,  I hope you’ll get a better sense of where my views lie.  I do not currently have an ideological home and I consider my positions to be in a state of flux.  For now, I will say that while at times I default to liberal positions on some topics, my thinking has been influenced by libertarian thought and elements of the Right, though I think it would be incorrect to describe me as either a libertarian or a man of the Right.

Ultimately, I’m an ideological pluralist.  I enjoy a vigorous debate between competing viewpoints and believe that situations where people are not exposed to ideas that challenge their viewpoints are breeding grounds for sloppy thinking.  I don’t believe that all viewpoints are equally right, but I do think that no given viewpoint holds a monopoly on important insight and that it is thus wise to listen to people from a wide variety of ideologies and I seek to do so myself.

That is all for now.  I hope you enjoy my blog.